Underarm odor

Staying fresh all day long

Body odor can be most effectively prevented by inhibiting the growth of the bacteria that cause the unpleasant smell. Modern deodorants are usually a combination of antimicrobial actives and antiperspirants. Triclosan shows very good bacteriostatic activity, even at very low concentrations against bacteria that cause a bad body odor but Triclosan does not negatively influence the resident skin flora (Cox et al. 1987). Its long-lasting efficacy on the skin and also its excellent compatibility with antiperspirants makes it an ideal active for a broad range of deodorant and antiperspirant formulations that have to provide long-term protection.
The long-term efficacy of a deodorant containing Triclosan on skin and under typical use conditions can be demonstrated in use studies on a panel of volunteers (sniff test, see Figure 1).

Underarm odor

Figure 1:
A sniff test conducted with a product containing 0.18% of Triclosan shows that it reduces body odor by approximately 30%. Even after 24 hours, the body odor score is reduced by 20% compared to the initial baseline.


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